3 Professional Tips to Help You Make the Most Out of Metal Recycling

One of the dialogues in environmental conservation is how scrap metal is causing pollution. Many industries rely on metal and metallic products in construction, packaging and other ways. When the products reach the end of their cycle, few people understand how to safely dispose of them, which creates a huge environmental problem. Get a trusted and reliable recycling service provider to help you manage all the metallic waste that has become obsolete in your home. Read More 

Before You Strip All That Wire, Call the Yard With Questions

Selling scrap wire for cash can be lucrative if you know what you're doing. Part of making it a good way to bring in money is knowing what to keep and what to get rid of, as well as when to ease up and not try to sell anything. (If it's going to cost more or just the petrol to get to the yard than you'd receive from selling the wires, for example, you know it's not a good idea to sell just yet. Read More 

Three Tips for Using Scrap Metal Detectors

The only way to recycle waste metal is scrap collection, making it the first step in any metal recycling process. Thus, a metal detector is one of the most critical pieces of equipment in the metal recycling process. Although you can choose from various metal detectors, handheld models are perfect for scrap collectors. They are user-friendly and effective at identifying different metal types, which goes a long way in shortening the recycling process. Read More 

How to Recycle That Pile of Old Metal

Whether you've been doing some remodelling on your home or have decided to start collecting and selling scrap metal, you're eventually going to end up with a pile of random metal parts that need to go to a scrapyard as soon as possible. Old metal scraps are unsightly, and your local council and your neighbours are not going to want that pile to sit around for very long. You've got some options for recycling the metal, depending on the type and size. Read More 

Why You Should Work With a Scrap Metal Recycling Service if You’re a Mechanic

As an auto mechanic, you might be used to working with other businesses in your area. You might work with a towing service so that you can arrange to have customers' vehicles picked up and brought to your shop when they aren't running, and you might purchase auto parts and tools from the local auto parts store. You might not have thought about working with a scrap metal recycling service, however, since this might not seem like an obvious type of business that you will need to work with as an auto mechanic. Read More